Licensed, Safe & Secure

Sons of Aloha Movers number one priority is the safety of your belongings. We are licensed, insured and our team of movers are experienced and skilled. It is important to be informed regarding your rights and responsibilities during your move. 

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Liability Coverage

Sons of Aloha Movers’ standard liability on intra-state (same island/inter-island) moves is $.30 cents per pound per article. This liability is included in all of our Inter-island moves. Our standard liability is strictly based on weight.  For example, if a 50lb television is damaged, a reimbursement of $15.00 ($.30 X 50lbs) would be provided.

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Third Party Insurance

Sons of Aloha Movers prides ourselves on exceptional service, however sometimes things happen. Therefore, if you anticipate that you will not be satisfied with our standard liability coverage, we highly recommend that you check with your homeowners or renters insurance policies for moving coverage, or purchase "third party insurance." Third party moving insurance rates are affordable and you can insure items at full value. This would be your responsibility and not Sons of Aloha Movers. Valuable items such as cash, important documents, jewelry etc. will need to be transported personally by the client.